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The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!

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The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!
Latest company news about The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!

The epidemic is not over, except to continue to take good care of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and not getting together

Experts have repeatedly reminded that enhancing your own immunity is the key

Regarding immunity, there is a saying spread widely

Immunity is the best doctor in the world

This sentence speaks out the importance of immunity

latest company news about The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!  0

Immunity is a physiological function formed by the immune system

Is the body’s first line of defense against disease


Various diseases may invade the human body

latest company news about The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!  1

The immunity of each of us is not set in stone

It will change with the environment, nutrition level, rest time, labor intensity...

And keep changing

Increase or decrease
Proper nutrition of three meals a day is essential for improving immunity

So, remember to remind yourself and your family: Eat on time! Eat well!



Zhao Wenhua, researcher, Institute of Nutrition and Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Regarding the epidemic, many people stayed at home, reducing their outings, and were not thinking about eating well. For this situation, we want to tell everyone that we must eat well in the current epidemic. why? The people take food as the day, and eating for nutrition, in order to obtain the nutrients necessary for human health, that is, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water, to ensure that nutrition can make the body's immune cells in the best fighting state. For example, protein is necessary for cell renewal and repair. Immune cells and antibodies are also made of protein. Vitamins and minerals are also indispensable for immune function.


On the contrary, if the nutrition cannot keep up, it is not only easy to be infected, but also difficult to recover after infection. Nutrients are an important means of preventing, treating and recovering diseases for health, especially for the prevention, treatment and recovery of new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, everyone must eat well and provide enough nutrients for the body.



As a happy Chinese,

The memory of hunger has long gone away from us,

Eating enough is not a problem for us.

But how to eat? What to eat

Will it be more beneficial to our health and enhance our immunity?

This National Nutrition Week,

Let's talk about how eating can improve our immunity.


Enough protein intake


Protein is the material basis of human immune function, and the synthesis of various enzymes, hormones, antibodies and immune factors in the human body requires protein raw materials.


Insufficient protein intake will affect tissue repair, reduce the immunity of the skin and mucous membranes, weaken the ability to exclude pathogens, easily cause the reproduction and spread of pathogens, and reduce the ability to resist infection.


The human body needs to supplement a sufficient amount of protein daily, preferably high-quality protein.



Citizen: May I ask the experts, how much protein should we consume every day? Which foods belong to high-quality protein?


Doctor: Fish and shrimp meat, poultry meat, lean animal meat, eggs, soybeans, milk, etc. are all high-quality proteins that are very suitable for human absorption and utilization.

The Pagoda of Balanced Diet for Chinese residents recommends 40 to 75 grams of aquatic products, 40 to 75 grams of livestock and poultry, 40 to 50 grams of 1 egg, and 300 grams of milk per person per day.



Vitamin A is essential


Vitamin A helps maintain the integrity of the body's skin and mucous membranes. Sufficient vitamin A can make the skin and body's protective layer maintain normal anti-infection ability and natural barrier function against external invasion.



Doctor: Vitamin A is present in animal tissues, and it is abundant in cod liver oil, animal liver, egg yolk, milk, and cream. Some vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and spinach also contain a certain amount of vitamin A.

Appropriate eating of the above foods can meet the body's need for vitamin A.


Vitamin C is important


Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, can reduce the interference of the outside world on the balance of human cells, is a "catalyst" for the formation of antibodies, and plays a very important role in maintaining the body's normal immunity.


Doctor: Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, and they are also the most economical food for us to supplement vitamin C.

Sweet peppers, bitter gourd, cauliflower, broccoli and mustard greens, and fruits such as dates, kiwis, cherries, pomegranates, citrus, lemons, grapefruits and strawberries, are all vitamin C-rich foods that can be eaten regularly.


Iron is important

Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome, and certain respiratory enzymes. It participates in the transport of oxygen in the body and the process of tissue respiration to maintain normal hematopoietic function.

Iron deficiency can cause anemia, which leads to a decrease in the number of immune cells, which affects the production of antibodies and leads to a defect in the immune response.


Doctor: Animal foods with high iron content include animal liver, animal blood and red meat, such as pork, beef, and lamb. These irons are heme iron, and its absorption rate and bioavailability are very high, and it is usually recommended as iron supplement food.

Plant foods, such as sesame seeds and beans, contain a certain amount of iron, but their absorption rate and bioavailability are relatively low. They are generally not recommended for iron supplementation; egg yolks also contain high iron content, but they are not easily absorbed; milk Low iron content.



Regarding the relationship between food and immunity,

There are actually many more,

For example, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, etc. are closely related to immunity.


Want to be all-inclusive, a kind of indispensable access to these nutrients,

The easiest way is to have a reasonable diet.

latest company news about The epidemic is not over yet, in addition to wearing a mask, experts say: This is also the key!  2

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